The dashboard plugin documentation contains a few terms that may be uncommon. Familiarity with terminology used in Kubernetes will be helpful. This page is used to define terms needed to get started with writing a plugin.

  • View components are reusable building blocks to serve content in various formats on the dashboard. Available components can be found in pkg/view/component. Additional components can be added through a plugin.

  • Links are a type of component used to reference a Kubernetes object through text.

  • GVK stands for Group, Version, Kind. GVK is used to interact with the Kubernetes API server in order to identify an object type.

  • Resource viewer is a graph containing nodes repesenting interactions between objects in a Kubernetes cluster. Nodes provide additional information about the status as well as additional components used to describe the object.

  • Flexlayout is a layout that builds on top of flexbox. Each layout contains sections that can contain one more view components. Contents within a flex layout will shrink or expand depending on the space available.

  • Workloads are rules used to describe how a pod should be run. Example of these are Deployments, StatefulSets, or DaemonSets.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.