Introduction to Plugins

Plugins are binaries that run alongside developer dashboard to provide additional functionality. Plugins are built using go-plugin in order to communicate with the dashboard over gRPC.

The goal of this documentation is to provide:

  1. Instructions for building and installing a plugin
  2. A description of plugin capabilities
  3. Code examples for developers to write their own plugins

What can plugins do?

Plugins can:

  • Add new tabs to the dashboard
  • Include additional content to an existing summary section
  • Create a new section in an existing tab
  • Port forward to a running pod

By using the components available in /pkg/view/components, plugins can display new information in desired areas of the dashboard. Entirely new layouts can also be created through pkg/view/flexlayout.

Next Steps

Reach out to us for feedback/troubleshooting, check the Community page for Slack, mailing list, and more.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.