Kubernetes: There is an app for that

octant release Milan Klanjsek
Turning Octant into a desktop application has long been a goal of ours, and we are pleased to announce that with the release of 0.17 we are shipping a desktop application for all three major operating systems. The command-line version will still be available for the next couple of releases to allow a smooth transition for everyone. Eventually we will be 100% focused on the desktop version. To create a desktop version of Octant, we used Electron. Read more...

Octant 2020 Community Survey Results

survey Isha Bagha
Not too long ago, we set out to learn more about the Octant community. To do so, we shared the first Octant Community survey and received 13 responses. It’s not a vast sample size, but we were able to find patterns on how Octant is used and how it could be improved. Here, we want to share our findings. Methodology The survey mentioned above collected a mix of qualitative and quantitative information about user profiles, workflows, and behaviors. Read more...

Octant Community Survey

survey Isha Bagha
Octant User Survey The Octant user survey is here! Hello folks! The Octant team has been hard at work on the latest release, listening to your feedback through issues, and improving the product as a whole. We’ve appreciated the issues and PR’s you’ve filed, and we’re looking to expand how we capture feedback and learn from our users. Stepping back, we’ve felt the need not only to learn about how we can improve Octant, but to learn more about our users as a whole. Read more...

Octant 0.14 - Now with Resource Creation

Wayne Witzel III release
Octant 0.14 - Create resources, port forward services, and more. Lots of new features in the latest release of Octant, such as Creating Resources, Prompting for Kubeconfig, and Port Forwarding for Services. Combined with a handful of UX/UI improvements for our navigation, better integration of common actions, and various minor bug fixes, we are very excited about this release. Creating Resources Requires Kubernetes 0.16 or Higher Octant now supports the ability to create and update resources via the UI. Read more...

Octant 0.10 - New Year, New Features

Wayne Witzel III release
Octant 0.10 - New Year, New Features We have some exciting new features in the latest release of Octant, such as Container Exec and the Workload Viewer, together with several quality of life improvements and bug fixes. We are also changing the cadence of our monthly community meeting to weekly, and giving you a quick and easy way to access bleeding edge changes. Container Exec Octant now supports the ability to execute single and interactive commands against containers. Read more...

Seeing is Believing: Octant Reveals the Objects Running in Kubernetes Clusters

Bryan Liles
In a perfect world, you would deploy applications to clusters and nothing else would be a problem. In the Kubernetes world, it isn’t that simple yet. Because Kubernetes workloads are composed of multiple objects, even simple actions can be complex. This complexity is why we created and open sourced Octant, a developer-centric web interface for Kubernetes that lets you inspect a Kubernetes cluster on which applications reside. Check out Octant on GitHub. Read more...

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